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Consequences Nobody Talks About

There is a lack of information about cognitive losses . . . The Consequences of Mental Illness That Nobody Talks About Psychotic disorders are frequently accompanied by significant and disabling cognitive losses. Why don’t people learn about these cognitive losses? This lack of information has enormous negative consequences. For instance, families who have not been t…  ...

NAMI Marin Annual Picnic

On Saturday August 23 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. Side dishes and desserts are welcomed. For reservations or inquiries, call 415-444-0480 or contact

Schizophrenia: New Thinking, New Treatments

Characterized by hallucinations and psychotic episodes, schizophrenia affects about 1 percent of people worldwide. Scientists are just beginning to uncover the underlying biological basis for the illness, which is still little understood. A look at the latest research on schizophrenia, as well as emerging treatments that seek to prevent the disorder before it is fully formed. Host: Judy Campbell Guests: Amy Standen, reporter...

Laura’s Law Debated in Marin

Laura’s Law targets mentally ill individuals who are too ill to recognize they need treatment and who, as a result, end up being hospitalized or jailed needlessly. To qualify, an individual must have a serious mental illness that resulted in a psychiatric hospitalization or incarceration twice in the previous three years or resulted in violent behavior. While outpatient treatment can be ordered, medication cannot. The...