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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Conference

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Conference


NAMI Marin is proud to sponsor a 3-day training conference on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with psychosis, to be presented by one of the foremost experts in the world – Dr. Doug Turkington from England.  Dr. Turkington is an acclaimed expert on CBT with psychosis, including how to help providers work more effectively with families.  Click here to read about his impressive credentials.

In England and elsewhere, CBT is recognized as a first line of treatment in addition to medication for persons with schizophrenia for early intervention, to help with medication resistant patients, and to assist patients manage their symptoms and promote long-term recovery.

The conference is designed to train providers in high-quality, evidence-based treatments for people with serious mental illness and how to help their families (May 16 and 17) and to educate families about how to use CBT skills to work more effectively with their loved ones (May 18).

Details about the conference will be publicized soon.  In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!