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Healthcare Access

Mental Health Clients with Medi-Cal and Medicare are now covered by a new HMO (health management organization): Partnership Health Plan. This HMO has taken over medical care for Medi-Cal recipients in Marin County.

The new Partnership Health Plan took over medical care for Medi-Cal recipients in Marin Country beginning July 1, 2011 . Mental Health services have been “carved out” of PHP and are provided by Community Mental Health.

Please see the following primary care provider list for Marin County – this has been mailed to all Medi-Cal only recipients. Medi-Medi’s may keep their Medicare provider.

The Partnership HealthPlan of California, “The HealthPlan,” is a public/private organization designed to provide a cost-effective health care delivery system to Medi-Cal recipients. The HealthPlan’s goals are to improve access, quality and cost effectiveness, through a managed care system. The HealthPlan links each member with a primary care provider and has been successful in providing an appropriate level of inpatient care, developing innovative case management programs and providing more services locally.  The HealthPlan is organized as a “health insuring organization,” and is legally a subdivision of the State of California, but is not part of any city, county or state government system. Today, The HealthPlan serves over 150,000 members.

Phone: (707) 863-4100