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June 18, 2018 Enabling vs “Un-abling” – NAMI Marin General Meeting

June 18, 2018  Enabling vs “Un-abling”  – NAMI Marin General Meeting

Enabling vs “Un-abling”

As caregivers of a loved one with invisible disabilities like a mood/thought disorder or ADHD, we struggle to know what might be possible for our loved one to take on. Complicating this is the reality of neurological disorders that are episodic, resulting in uneven and inconsistent abilities to function. We are in the difficult place of knowing when to let natural consequences of life “motivate” them and when to intervene to protect them from those consequences. All of this creates great anxiety and often great conflict in ourselves and our families as we try to work out what is possible for our loved one to accomplish on their own or with their own supports.

Come learn about:

  • The challenges of supporting a loved one with a neurologic disability such as Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, ADHD, Learning Disabilities or Anxiety disabilities. It affects our loved one’s executive functioning: the ability to self-regulate, and organizational abilities such as planning, prioritizing, initiating, persisting, completing, reviewing. Executive functions are also instrumental in one’s own self-regulation
  • Ways to think about whether your own behavior is supporting your loved one to be as independent as possible or limiting their growth by your doing too much for them
  • Ways to determine what growth is possible and what growth is not possible for your loved one


Holly Seerley, MFT, has practiced psychotherapy and consultation since 1979. Her work has covered areas from mood disorders, ADHD, and learning differences to parenting, adults who survive childhood trauma, relationships, communication and others.
Over her career she has also volunteered for CHADD, running a parent support group for 15 years and currently serving on the national board. She’s a past board president for STAR Academy, a past president for the Assoc. of Family Therapists of No. CA, a past board president of the Marin Child Abuse Prevention Council, a past board member of the CA State Developmental Disabilities Board. She is a sought-after speaker for her informed experience both professionally and personally, as well as her compassionate perspective.

LOCATION: San Rafael Corporate Center, 750 Lindaro St., San Rafael, CA 94901 (the building nearest Andersen Dr., between 2nd St. and Andersen Drive).  The meeting room is off the lobby. Free parking lot (after 6 pm) on the west side of the street.

This is a no-fee event, open to the general public.